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American Standards for Journals and Research (ASJR) is today's premier research and solution platform, helping you identify , analyze, and share information quickly in the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and Technology inter - disciplines.

American Standards for Journals and Research (ASJR) is the world's leading source of Journal Metrics information for businesses professionals and scientists. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the science, technology, engineering, financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare and media markets. ASJR was established by a group of renowned researchers, scientists and educationists having multi geographical representations in 1996 with an objective of providing quality metrics and journal analytics to the researcher. ASJR is offering academic database services to researcher like citation indexing, journal analytics and maintaining citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, research artifacts, findings, analysis, books, proceedings and any approved documents.

ASJR's Journal Analyzer Reports (JAR) is a world's leading source of intelligent information on bibliography for businesses and professionals. Researchers and Scientists get integrated access to high quality literature through a unified platform that links a wide variety of content and search terms together, creating one common vocabulary and one seamless search.

ASJR provides quantitative measures for ranking, assessing, evaluating, categorizing, and comparing journals. The Citation Impact Factor is one of these; it is a measure of the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been cited in a particular period. The annual ASJR's Journal Citation Impact factor is a ratio between citations and recent citable items published. Thus, the Journal Citation impact factor of a journal is calculated by dividing the number of current year citations to the source items published in that journal during the previous four years.

Most of the individuals are treating the Impact factor as a main quality parameter for ranking the journals. But it should be noted that the Impact factor of a journal is no way related to the main quality parameters like quality of peer review and quality of content of the journal.